The Club is managed by a Committee comprising the following Officers and Members of the Club:

  • Commodore

  • Vice Commodore - Cruising

  • Vice Commodore - River

  • Rear Commodore - Cruising

  • Rear Commodore - River

  • Honorary Secretary

  • Honorary Treasurer

  • Club Steward

  • The Immediate Past Commodore (ex-officio)

  • Plus two to four additional Committee Members.

Officers and Members of the Committee are elected at the Club AGM and serve for one year but are eligible for re-election.  However, the Commodore may not serve in that position for more than two consecutive years.


Minutes of Committee Meetings are available for inspection by any member.  Non-Committee members may attend meetings by invitation only.  If you would like to attend a Committee Meeting as a Member, please contact the Honorary Secretary.


The Club has three Trustees appointed by deed in whom the property of the Club is vested.  The Trustees are indemnified by the Club Committee and Members.


The Club holds a Club Premises Certificate which permits alcohol to be dispensed in the Clubhouse during specified times.


The full Club 'Rules and Constitution (Revised 2016)' is available in the Members Library or from the Secretary on request.  


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